Central Vermont Humane Society

August 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 21st, 1:30pm: CVHS is still taking in animals for foster care from the flood zone–and we’re also sending others back to their homes!  We continue to provide aid and supplies to folks affected by the flooding.  Spread the word:

“Central Vermont Humane Society is here to help your cats, dogs, or other small domestic companion animals receive the food, litter, basic supplies, and/or financial support they need to begin to recover from the impact of flooding caused by Irene. Support levels will be determined by CVHS.  Please apply online or in person at our Adoption Center.  Click here to download the application.”

Friday, September 16th, 4:30pm: Tears flowed in our lobby today as we sent a cat displaced by the flooding to his new home–back with his family.  Thanks to everyone who donated money and items to us in the past few weeks, Cuddles went home with a new litter box, crate, toys, linens, a special-needs diet, and lots of good cheer.  We are so happy that we could help his family keep him.  THANK YOU to everyone who helped–especially his foster family!  We look forward to sending more of the displaced animals home tomorrow and in the next few weeks. 

Thursday, September 15th, 1:00pm: Food and supply distribution continued this week to areas in need in Central and Southern Vermont.  We still have supplies available for animals affected by the flooding–please, spread the word!  So far we haven’t sent any of the foster animals back to their families.  Folks are working hard to find new housing that’s pet friendly so they can be reunited with their animals.  We are very thankful for our fantastic foster families!  Days at CVHS are returning to normal, though we just accepted 7 dogs from a cruelty case in Northern Vermont and are looking for adopters.  Check out our adoptable dogs page to see some of their friendly faces!

Friday, September 9th, 2:00pm: Food distribution continues this weekend to Sharon, Middlebury, Vergennes, and more!  CVHS received a giant donation of crates, carriers, and other supplies yesterday to help with flood relief.  We also received a brand new laptop and accessories in an anonymous donation!  We are so grateful to all of the people and agencies that have been so generous in helping CVHS help the animals.

Wednesday, September 7th, 4:30pm: Food drops continued today to more towns in the Central Vermont area:

Braintree/W. Braintree

We have distributed all of the various supplies (and almost all of the food!) that has been donated in response to the flooding.  We still need:

Cat litter
Paper towels
Bowls/leashes/basic animal supplies
Financial support for flood relief

We’re still taking in animals that have lost their homes.  We sent two more dogs into foster care today (see photo of Tedin and Cheyenne!) and have more appointments scheduled this week.  Help us get the word out there–we still have room to help!

Tuesday, September 6th, 10:30am: This weekend CVHS coordinated the distribution of 40,000 pounds of food to communities in need in Vermont.  Pet Food Warehouse in South Burlington received the delivery of donated food from Proctor & Gamble, and CVHS invited Pawsitive Pantry and tons of volunteers to help with distribution.  We sent food and cat litter (CVHS purchased the litter!) to many small towns and single families, as well as made large food drops to supply areas in the following towns: (Please-continue reading update below!)

South Royalton
East Montpelier

Please contact Anne at 476-3811 x103 if you know of specific areas still in need.
WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!  Animals in need are still coming to CVHS!  (We are taking in at least 2 more dogs and 1 cat today!)  Some of the animals are in desperate need of medical care.  We need your financial support to help provide that care.  We need:

Donations for medical care for flood animals
Cat litter (for CVHS and to distribute to communities in need)
Paper towels
Anything you can think of that families who lost their homes would need for their pets–they need it all!

Friday, 10:00am: We are so grateful for our community this week!  You have really come forward to help us help the animals in this time of need.  You have generously donated your supplies and your time to prepare for the worst.  Our immediate disaster wish list needs have shrunk–amazingly!!–to just paper towels, linens, towels, blankets, and financial support for incoming animals needing medical attention.  Now we need your help to get the word out there to people who have been directly impacted by the flooding.  They need to know that we’re here and we can help.  Please, spread the word!

Thursday, 10:00am: Even more great news!  Pet Food Warehouse (VT Pet Food & Supply) of South Burlington, VT, has generously offered to coordinate distribution of the 40,000 pounds of pet food to all of Vermont.  This is a HUGE undertaking and we are incredibly grateful.  Stay tuned for ways that you can help.  PFW is also donating crates, litter, and litter supplies to CVHS to help with our care of animals from the floods.

We continue to take in more animals for boarding due to the flood.  This morning we received a CVHS cat alumna who lost her home.  We look forward to placing her in foster care until her owners can arrange permanent housing.  We expect many more animals later today or tomorrow as a community in Roxbury gets a road repaired, and other communities continue to assess their damage.

Wednesday, 3:00pm: We will be at full staff by Thursday!  We are so thankful that our people are safe and well.  We are working hard to place animals from the flood zones into foster care while their people figure out what to do next.  We’re still taking more animals in every day.  We’ve had an outpouring of support in the form of temporary foster homes–thank you to everyone who has called in!  We will contact each of you as we seek places for each animal.

Great news!  Proctor & Gamble (Iams/California Natural/Innova/Evo Foods) is donating 40,000 pounds of food to CVHS!  We will be working to distribute the food to other shelters and rescues in VT who are working with flood animals.

Tuesday, 4:00pm: Most of our staff made it in today, and a few volunteers as well!  We are still accepting animals who were displaced by the floods.  We are trying to send as many of those animals out into foster care as possible, to allow their owners time to figure out what their next steps will be.  Unfortunately today seems to be a quiet day at CVHS–only one adoption so far.  We really need to move out some adoptable animals to make room for animals that are coming in.

CVHS brought supplies to the Barre Auditorium earlier today, to assist with care of animals who are being sheltered with their owners.  We are currently in need of:

Cat food
Towels and blankets
Litter boxes and litter
Litter scoops
Disposable litter trays
Disposable dishes (small bowls and plates)
Card stock
Financial support

Monday, 1:00pm: Reports are coming in and we are learning that our staff and volunteers have been badly affected by the flooding. Not everyone will be making it in this week and we will need to call for extra support from those who can give it. Our thoughts are with everyone as they work to recover. So far no physical injuries have been reported.  We are posting many of our needs on our Facebook page.

Litter boxes of all sizes
Disposable litter boxes (roasting pans work well!)
Disposable bowls and small plates
Contractor trash bags
Adopters badly needed to make space for incoming animals!

Monday, 9:00am: We will be open until 4pm today to continue accepting animals affecting by the flooding for temporary boarding, as well as donations to help us with our efforts.

Sunday, 9:30pm: We are anxiously following the online news here at the shelter as flood waters rise in our community.  We will have volunteers and staff on hand throughout the night to accept animals from the flood zones for temporary shelter.  Please, do not leave your pets behind when you evacuate!

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